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We believe the Gospel and mercy of Jesus Christ brings hope

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"All of the Students that have been given any item are so appreciative. They get tears in their eyes, because they need these items . The HOPE Closet has made this happen! 🙂 Thank You so very much for helping our school."

"I have an 18 year old student who recently began living on her own and she was not coming to school. When she did attend she had very poor hygiene. I met with her and came to find out she didn't own a towel washcloth. She was able to gain a washcloth and towel. She also grabbed other items from the closet and now she has been attending consistently and may graduate on time this May."

“Our students were amazed that they were able to access these items and were so thankful! You can really tell that it helps their self-esteem to be able to know that they can get what they need without question or further hardship. We have needed something like this for so long. Thank you so much for including our school in this wonderful program!"