Our Story

In 2015 Hope For Appalachia was formed as a 501(c)(3) organization in order to address the addiction issue in our region. Our first major program was a men’s home to serve those who were in active addiction. Over a period of 5 years we cared for 75+ men and sought to help them move forward in life in a manner that honors Christ. During Covid, our focus began to shift for a few reasons. First, we experienced the unexpected death of the director of the residential program, Dana Spence. Dana was instrumental in all that we were doing and his leadership was impossible to replace. At the same time, we were seeing many new residential programs being formed in our region to serve men who were struggling with addiction. And finally, through various experiences, our team recognized the need for new programs to serve children affected by the addiction crisis and expectant moms who were struggling with substance abuse.

In 2020 we launched our Children’s Resource Center (CRC). The CRC exists to serve children who have been affected by the addiction crisis or are at-risk. During the pandemic, the CRC implemented the snack pack program and helped distribute over 70,000 meals to children in low-income communities. Also, in 2020, we established our HOPE Closet Program to provide essential resources and supplies to teachers to distribute to children in need. As of 2022, the CRC has active HOPE Closets in over 50 Kanawha County schools serving children.

By early 2022, our team began planning for what will be the cornerstone program for Hope for Appalachia. This new program, the Harbor House, will provide residential support for women who are pregnant and battling addiction. There is a massive need in our region to provide care and support for expectant moms who are struggling with substance abuse. The Harbor House will partner with the CAMC Women’s Health AddIction Program in order to provide a comprehensive program for these women. Our program will provide safe, supportive housing for up to 12 women.

Overcoming addiction is an intense physical and spiritual battle that requires sustained, long-term efforts. That is why Hope For Appalachia utilizes a Christ-centered approach focused on the spiritual, physical and emotional challenges. Ultimately, the Gospel must be central in this battle.